5 and a third


posting from the confines of the hotel room in chi town.  Finally a chance to sit down (beside driving and watching baseball) and update this site.  Was slightly late on morning of departure and steve decided we would go into forced march mode and forgo essentials to make the cleveland game. witnessed the Mohawk River flooding…..much rain and fog on way out.  Cleveland is a nice city …the part we saw anyway… easy accessibility from I 90 and parking was cheap and easily found. That is what happens when you are drawing 18000 a game.  Astros 5 Cleveland 1.  small crowd …..good beer…Great Lakes brewery!!   Good people…… Dollar hot dog night…fireworks!!!  Good time…..After game drove cople hours to Toledo and slept there….try washing face and brushing teeth at rest stop where faucet only stays on for a third of a second……last night we saw Milwaukee and Pirates play  Pirates 9 Brew Crew 2.    The Brewers Field is clean and fan friendly….roof was open after a day of rain…crazy tailgate scene….. better than many football games   Drove back to Chi town after game and now getting ready to see Wrigleyville.  In Indiana we saw the RV/MH HOF  and lots of flatness. Hopefully no rain today… sure there are many incidents that i cannot recall right now ….breakfast time now…..gained an hour somewhere in Indiana I believe.  Cleveland Rocks!!!!IMG_0071IMG_0079


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