Top of the First

sunglasses…ibuprofen….camera..charger..talkin’ points….
final preparations for the Blue Collar Baseball Blitz Tour of 2014 (BCBB 14)
First stop Cleveland for Astros and Indians  (It could be worse, they could be called Redskins)
will try and gauge how representative a name such as Indians is of the actual city, or how representative a city is of the name.  From Cleveland we will head to Milwaukee to see the Brewers and Pirates of Pittsburgh play, at a field named after a supposed beer, which I will not drink, on Saturday night.  After aforementioned game we will head south to Chicago to rest and then to Wrigleyville to see Cubs and Orioles on Sunday. On Monday we will travel to Detroit rest and see Tigers and the mighty Yankees play on Tuesday. Jeter’s last regular season series in Detroit…… Check back for stadium reviews, ease of accessibility, scores, and other digital documentations.
Also on the drive out Steve and I will attempt to negotiate a rewriting of the Constitution at the Kia Summit.  If anybody can think of an amendment they might want included, or stricken, please let me know. Kinda of short on talkin’ points at the moment.

Indians 5   Astros 3 ?


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