safe at home

made it back wed am…2067 miles……36 innings….a couple beers….kept score at each game…..Cleveland and Detroit had nicest parks….
Milwaukee best tailgate scene but not much around stadium……
Wrigley best experience…
everybody we met was real friendly….games lacked the edge and buzz that games in New York have…..
Mazda 2.0 good car
will follow with more postings as i process more


wheel to the storm and we ride

Greetings from stormy Michigan…also one of the leading micro pub and brewery states in the nation…We are red roofing tonight about 15 miles outside of Detroit..saw cubs sweep oriolies yesterday……  wada had a no hitter through 6 innings and cubs held on to win 2-1……Went to Millenium park this morning and checked out the scene. I will post more pics and follow up when we get back…after game tomorrow we will start drivin back… hopefully make cleveland sometime wed am….60% chance of rain and thunder….it has rained and stormed everyday but no rainouts and each day has cleared up to be beautiful weather…I’ll let the pictures do the talkin’



5 and a third


posting from the confines of the hotel room in chi town.  Finally a chance to sit down (beside driving and watching baseball) and update this site.  Was slightly late on morning of departure and steve decided we would go into forced march mode and forgo essentials to make the cleveland game. witnessed the Mohawk River flooding…..much rain and fog on way out.  Cleveland is a nice city …the part we saw anyway… easy accessibility from I 90 and parking was cheap and easily found. That is what happens when you are drawing 18000 a game.  Astros 5 Cleveland 1.  small crowd …..good beer…Great Lakes brewery!!   Good people…… Dollar hot dog night…fireworks!!!  Good time…..After game drove cople hours to Toledo and slept there….try washing face and brushing teeth at rest stop where faucet only stays on for a third of a second……last night we saw Milwaukee and Pirates play  Pirates 9 Brew Crew 2.    The Brewers Field is clean and fan friendly….roof was open after a day of rain…crazy tailgate scene….. better than many football games   Drove back to Chi town after game and now getting ready to see Wrigleyville.  In Indiana we saw the RV/MH HOF  and lots of flatness. Hopefully no rain today… sure there are many incidents that i cannot recall right now ….breakfast time now…..gained an hour somewhere in Indiana I believe.  Cleveland Rocks!!!!IMG_0071IMG_0079

Top of the First

sunglasses…ibuprofen….camera..charger..talkin’ points….
final preparations for the Blue Collar Baseball Blitz Tour of 2014 (BCBB 14)
First stop Cleveland for Astros and Indians  (It could be worse, they could be called Redskins)
will try and gauge how representative a name such as Indians is of the actual city, or how representative a city is of the name.  From Cleveland we will head to Milwaukee to see the Brewers and Pirates of Pittsburgh play, at a field named after a supposed beer, which I will not drink, on Saturday night.  After aforementioned game we will head south to Chicago to rest and then to Wrigleyville to see Cubs and Orioles on Sunday. On Monday we will travel to Detroit rest and see Tigers and the mighty Yankees play on Tuesday. Jeter’s last regular season series in Detroit…… Check back for stadium reviews, ease of accessibility, scores, and other digital documentations.
Also on the drive out Steve and I will attempt to negotiate a rewriting of the Constitution at the Kia Summit.  If anybody can think of an amendment they might want included, or stricken, please let me know. Kinda of short on talkin’ points at the moment.

Indians 5   Astros 3 ?

skeleton keys


noun \ˌma-kə-ˈrō-nē\

:  pasta made from semolina and shaped in the form of slender tubes
plural macaronis or macaronies [Macaroni Club, a group of such Englishmen]

a :  a member of a class of traveled young Englishmen of the late 18th and early 19th centuries who affected foreign ways

b :  an affected young man :  fop

<the glitter rock of the 1970s seemed more about mascaraed macaronis than about music>
Italian maccheroni, plural of maccherone, from Italian dialect maccarone dumpling, macaroni

First Known Use: 1599
Yankee Doodle was a Macoroni.  One of the mysterious lyrical conundrums of my time. DOH! Never understood the connotation.
Never stop learning.
Rubin “Hurricane” Carter passed away,  I am reminded of a song, from an artist that people said didn’t care about others because at times he did what he wanted artistically as well as personally, that helped bring Mr. Carter’s case and bid for justice into the public eye, and possibly played a factor in his release from prison. Just returned from singer song writer night at rosendale cafe. good time. good music.

stuck in juarez

good morning..mars burns bright in the eastern sky..also just past constellation orion..just north of the belt.. lies nebulae M78… visible to naked eye…

Trying to find a painting that would fit a galaxian theme and place it in gallery. found one…you let me know which one it is…

don’t forget is still an active site..check out some of the newer works..and of course works from his earlier period.

4.20 Mets win.

neil young

just returned from tributon concert revolving around artist neil young.  never really threw myself into mr. young  when i was younger.
while enjoy playing his tunes…. they are not as enjoyable to listen to…though I do enjoy Rockin’ in the Free World..